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Seabotix Rugged, Capable, Compact ROV's.

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AC-CESS - News - March 31, 2005


The AC-ROV SP50, manufactured in Aberdeen and sold world-wide by AC-CESS, is the smallest and most capable commercial ROV system in the world. The basic system fits in a single Hand Carry case - making it the most portable and versatile underwater inspection system currently on the market.


With product development seen as crucial to the continued success of the SP50, AC-CESS have introduced a very user friendly retro-fit IP68 Slip Ring for the standard tether reel. This option does not impacting the size of the Tether Deployment System (TDS), so packaging and portability remain the same. A simple plug in option so there are no engineering skills involved in the conversion, therefore making it ideal for the operator with a selection of differently configured AC-ROVs as the same slip ring can be moved around the “fleet”.

Not all users of the AC-ROV will require a Slip Ring but it is a great benefit to the more frequent operator working at different sites, in different environments and in locations where there is little information about the distance and depth of the underwater target.


A cable reel or winch without a Slip Ring cannot be turned with the cable connected. With a Slip Ring the reel can be rotated continuously in any direction while the cable is connected. Applied to the AC-ROV it means that the system can remain powered up and “in flight” as you adjust the length of cable deployed. There is no need to power down to make adjustments and it avoids having to pay out excess cable at the start of an operation in case you need more as the job progresses. Consequently, the hazard of excess cable piled water side is removed.

Underwater technology with pedigree.

Tether Reel Capacity

Drum Size 76.2mm dia x 168mm dia x 207mm wide

Tether storage options;


80m of 6.35mm dia

56m - 28m x 6.35mm dia top end and 27m x 9.525mm dia bottom end

40m of 9.525mm dia

Longer tether options fitted to the AC-ROV will result in the system not fitting into a single Storm case. AC-CESS can offer options such as a separate case for the AC-ROV and tether or larger reels with or without slip rings through to custom designed and manufactured integrated packages.

AC-CESS Co UK Limited
Tyrebagger Works, Clinterty, Kinellar, Aberdeen AB21 0TT, UK
Tel. +44 (0)1224 790100 Fax. +44 (0)1224 790111


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