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Deep Sea Systems - Press Release - January 21, 2005

Deep Sea Systems International is Awarded Contract for Port Security ROV System

Deep Sea Systems International (DSSI) of Cataumet, Massachusetts has recently received a contract award of an undisclosed amount from the University of South Florida (USF) to deliver a port security ROV system for use in hull inspections and port and harbor surveys in absolute zero visibility conditions. DSSI was selected by USF to perform the vehicle design and manufacturing services and to integrate an array of advanced sensors to be provided by USF.

DSSI’s proposed Sea Max Mk-2 Port Security ROV System will include a vehicle with the sensors and equipment required for precise vehicle maneuvering and positioning, high resolution sonar and video imaging, and extensive data communications bandwidth and processing. This capability will enable accurate bottom mapping surveys and real-time surveillance and inspection of hulls, piers, harbors, ports, pipelines, and moorings in all visibility conditions including “black water.” Using the most advanced imaging sonars available, the system will enable piloting of the vehicle in the most turbid waters virtually as easily as when using traditional video systems in clear water. In addition, the data processing and collection capability of the system will enable route surveys to be routinely performed by building a sonar data base of survey and object identification data as references for comparison with data from subsequent surveys to look for changes and anomalies.

The Sea Max Mk-2 vehicle will be based on the larger, all electric, highly maneuverable Omni Max vehicle currently in service. The sensors to be installed on the vehicle include a high definition imaging sonar, a three dimensional phased array multibeam sonar, an extremely accurate inertial navigation system, an acoustic Doppler navigation system, and a viewing system composed of four color TV cameras, quartz halogen and HID lights, an image scaling system, and a heavy duty tilt unit with a precision angular position feedback sensor. Vehicle control and data acquisition will be over a high speed multiple user data link including an option for a wireless link to shore. Propulsion will be provided by six of DSSI’s powerful, light weight, acoustically and electromagnetically quiet 2 hp TH 2100 thrusters mounted in an omni directional configuration for smooth and precise lateral and vertical control of vehicle motion.

DSSI plans to make the system available to U.S. and allied commercial and military customers for port security and mine countermeasure applications within two years.

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