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Seabotix Rugged, Capable, Compact ROV's.

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JW Fishers - Press Release - September 22, 2004


Lundin Petroleum, an oil company based in Tunisia, has a field of producing wells in the southern Mediterranean. Periodically we need to inspect the wells and other subsea modules, says operations chief Nebil Tamani. When there is suspected leak of hydraulic fluid, or some other problem, we will send down an ROV to inspect the site and make a videotape. The videos are sent to our main office for analysis and assessment of actions to be taken. We were renting ROVs for these inspections, but recently we decided to purchase our own to give us more flexibility. After examining the prices and capabilities of a number of underwater vehicles we decided on JW Fishers SeaLion. Now, in addition to inspecting the wells and other subsea structures, we can also routinely inspect the hull of our FPSO (floating production storage off-load) tanker IKDAM and its mooring system.

Jack Mead, an experienced ROV pilot employed by OceanScan UK Ltd, was recently hired by Lundin to operate the SeaLion ROV on an inspection project. Jack says, The job required the SeaLion to dive to a depth of 70 meters (220 feet) to locate and inspect the anchor chains, pipes, and subsea structures surrounding the IKDAM. After connecting the system to a generator to eliminate some problems with the ships power supply, I rigged up a 40 meter shot line to act as a tether management system to keep the umbilical vertical and clear of the boats propellers. The ROV was then launched from the anchor-handling tug/supply boat. The SeaLions powerful vertical thrusters allowed it to easily descend to the required depth. There it was able to quickly locate the chain and follow it across the bottom to the anchor. As the SeaLion flew over the ocean floor, the tug followed with the aid of a Fugro USBL (ultra short base line) positioning system and an acoustic beacon attached to the ROV. We recorded the entire inspection operation direct to DVD.

He went on to say, Officials at Lundin were very pleased by how quickly and efficiently our team was able to complete the inspection. I've operated many ROVs and was very impressed with the SeaLions power and maneuverability. The system performed flawlessly.

To receive a data sheet on the SeaLion or a color brochure on all of Fishers quality underwater search products, contact Christopher Combs at JW Fishers Mfg. Inc., 1953 County St., East Taunton, MA 02718, USA. Phone: (800) 822-4744 or (508) 822-7330. Fax: (508) 880-8949. E-mail to or check out the website at


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