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Nova Ray - News - June 30, 2005

Nova Ray Inc. Expands Into Southeast Asia

Kirkland, WA, June 30, 2005, Nova Ray, Inc. a manufacturer of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for use underwater announced today that it has signed an agreement with Wako Kousan Co., Ltd. Of Tokyo, Japan ( to represent Nova ray in Southeast Asia. The Agreement allows Wako Kousan to represent, sell, promote and advertise Nova Ray ROVs in Japan, the Republic of South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and Singapore. Nova Ray President, Krist Geriene stated, “We feel that the market for our ROVs in Southeast Asia is significant and will grow nicely as customers understand the advantages of the Nova Ray® ROV. Partnering with Wako Kousan will strongly launch our products in the area.”

The Nova Ray patented arcuate wing design solves long-time industry struggles with cable drag in strong currents. The wing design eliminates the phenomenon know as “Dutch Roll Instability”, a problem experienced by flat wing designs. The arcuate-shaped wings of the Nova Ray counteract the lifting force of the umbilical (also described as the tether or cable). Therefore, the speed of the boat (or other vessel) or current has little effect on the operational stability of the Nova Ray. The wings increase cable use efficiency and reduce the amount of cable necessary to operate or tow at depth.

Nova Ray’s arcuate wing configuration is remarkably stable in turbulent currents and provides true axis flight. There is little tendency for the vehicle to rock in shifting currents. The wings, combined with other secondary control surfaces, tend to counter any destabilizing forces. The close proximity of the thrusters to the control surfaces allows for very tight maneuvering. The overall result is an ROV system that can do more and perform where other underwater systems cannot.

Please visit our web site at for more information.

Krist Geriene
Nova Ray, Inc.
13600 NE 126th Place, Ste B
Kirkland, WA USA 98034-8720
425-825-0654 ext. 12
206-349-8275 mobile
425-825-9364 fax


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