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Perry Slingsby - Press Release - August 30, 2004

Perry Slingsby Systems Signs Contract With Rolls-Royce For NATO Submarine Rescue System

Perry Slingsby Systems has signed a contract with Rolls-Royce to build the new NATO Submarine Rescue Submersible which will enter service at the end of 2006. Rolls-Royce was selected by the UK Ministry of Defence, acting on behalf of partner nations UK, France and Norway for the contract.

The manned Submarine Rescue Submersible, "SR1" will replace the current UK rescue vehicle, LR5, which was also supplied by Perry Slingsby Systems more than two decades ago. The ambitious project will take place at the company's Kirbymoorside facility outside of Yorkshire England, and will draw upon the vast experience that has been gained through decades of similar successfully completed projects.

Since the inception of the LR class submersibles in 1974, Perry Slingsby Systems has designed and manufactured twenty-six manned submersibles (including the LR5 rescue submersible owned by the Royal Navy), Scorpio and SuperSpartan ROVs designed with tooling for ELSS pod posting, ELSS pods and receiver bags and A046 Emergency Underwater Telephones.

Perry Slingsby Systems will also be supplying an unmanned Remotely Operated Vehicle, Triton’ SP that will serve to locate the distressed submarine and prepare the rescue site for the manned rescue submersible. The ROV will also be capable of establishing communications with the submarine, providing emergency supplies to the submariners and removing debris in preparation for the rescue.

SR1 is capable of diving to depths of 600 meters to rescue up to 15 submariners per dive and is piloted by a three-man crew. The pressure hull is made from high-strength steel and incorporates two main hatches, one underneath the SRV for dry transfer from the disabled submarine and one in the aft of the SRV for "transfer-under-pressure" of the rescues to a hyperbaric decompression facility. The system is air transportable and is flown to a port near the Distressed submarine and mobilized on a vessel of opportunity.

The system will be based at Her Majesty's Naval Base, Clyde, in Scotland and will primarily support the three partner nations, but will also be on standby to assist any nation anywhere in the world.

Martin Anderson, Perry Slingsby Systems' Managing Director and CEO said, "We are very pleased to be supporting Rolls-Royce in this critically important program. Our engineering and manufacturing capability, coupled with our experience in mission-critical programs has provided Rolls-Royce, the UK Ministry of Defence, and the NATO Submarine Rescue program with the clear choice for this sophisticated system."

Perry Slingsby Systems, a member of the Technip Group, is recognized as the world leader in the design and manufacture of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV's) and related subsea equipment. From facilities in the US and the UK, Perry Slingsby Systems has, for over 40 years, developed subsea intervention technologies for the oil & gas, telecom, military and other specialist markets. Today, Perry Slingsby Systems markets a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art ROV's, robotic tooling products and robotic engineering capabilities, all backed by a worldwide network of after sales service and support.

For further information, please contact:

Bruce Lokay
Vice President Sales & Marketing
821 Jupiter Park Drive
Jupiter, FL 33458
Tel: 561 743 7000
Fax: 561 743 1313


David Gillies
Kirkbymoorside, York
Y062 6EZ, England
Tel: +44 1751 431751
Fax: +44 1751 431388


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