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Seabotix Rugged, Capable, Compact ROV's.

If you have any recent news or press releases that you would like displayed in this section, and let us know.

Seabotix - Press Release - March 15, 2004

SeaBotix client TUUKRITÖÖDE OÜ in Extonia uses LBV for pier inspection. Located in Estonia own and operate their Generation 2 LBV150S in below zero conditions on a regular basis.

Tasked to inspect a pier through a hole in the ice the LBV was able to vertically inspect the pilings to a depth of 18 meters. The difficulty in using a diver for this task is the constant up and down for their dive tables. Not to mention the rather cold conditions.

Kaido Peremees owner of TUUKRITÖÖDE OÜ in Extonia uses LBV for pier inspection. purchased his LBV a few years ago and has been continually operating conducting inspection jobs in Estonia. The portable system is ideal for many inspection tasks, plus the performance enables more complex work and more efficient work.

LBV is quite at home in the cold as you can see.


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