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Seabotix Rugged, Capable, Compact ROV's.

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Seabotix - Press Release - Feb 2004

Maritime security is a very real threat that is being addressed by agencies around the world. One area to address is shallow water inspections of vessels, ports, harbours and high profile buildings located on or near water.

SeaBotix Inc. has been working with a variety of worldwide agencies to develop a portable, rapid deployment low at risk asset inspection system. There are a variety of methods available for monitoring structures underwater. The goal is to aid agencies in development in a cost effective, simple and portable means of shallow water inspection.

Firstly, the use of a specialized dive team trained to inspect and identify dangerous objects. Typical dive team requirements consist of three to four divers with topside safety equipment such as a recompression chamber. The obvious concerns regarding the use of a dive team are putting human life in harms way, cost to have a dive team and time required for inspection and setup.

A second method is the use of drop or fixed cameras. Various cameras can be fitted to cover the areas required and viewed at the surface. Or a drop camera can be lowered into the water to provide a moveable camera. The drawback to this method is the short range of view in less than perfect water conditions.

Finally, the use of a remote operated vehicle (ROV). An ROV offers a great deal of benefits in that it combines the best of all worlds. The operator at the surface pilots the underwater ROV in search of foreign objects. There is no human life at risk and the ROV is able to navigate into very tight areas for close inspection.

ROV. An ROV offers a combination of all systems. By piloting the ROV around real time video is transmitted to the surface via on board cameras. The ROV can get in the tight spots where cameras that are fixed can not. ROV can work in poor operating conditions without the risk to human life. Various accessories can be installed to increase the capability of the system such as sonar, grabber, low light cameras, etc. ROV offers a single person operation instead of the four person dive team.

SeaBotix Inc. has developed the perfect remote operated vehicle for Maritime Security. The LBV offers all the key ingredients including portable, powerful, intuitive controls, robust design and cost effective. A low at risk asset that requires minimal training yet provides a solution to underwater inspections. The simple controls provide a new user with quick learning A single person can quickly setup the system and deploy. Once deployed the LBV is capable of working in strong currents with its powerful thrusters. The 270 degree field of view is excellent for looking straight up under a ship’s hull or straight down to the sea bed beneath a bridge. The on screen display provides the operator with important data.

For the Maritime Security an integrated system has been put together including sonar, tracking system, integrated console with monitor, grabber, 150 meters of umbilical on a reel all package in cases.

SeaBotix has seen orders from such agencies as the US Navy EOD, SPAWAR, Defence Intelligence Agency, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, British Government, Swedish Navy, Taiwan Fire Brigade, South Korean Fire Brigade, Malaysian Fire Brigade and many more. These systems were chosen based on the high level of performance coupled with the portability and simplistic operation.

For more information on the SeaBotix LBV system visit


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