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Videoray - News - July 20, 2004

VideoRay North Sea Inspection Challenge

Buccaneer Ltd have supplied 2 VideoRay Pro2 Micro-ROV systems to Stolt Offshore in Aberdeen.

The VideoRay vehicles were supplied complete with Tritech Micron sonar systems to aid navigation, and were fitted with micro-manip grabbers and impact protection cages. Following full system integration and configuration at Buccaneer's Aberdeen workshops, the systems were subjected to a range of trials and acceptance testing at Stolt Offshore's test facility at the National Hyperbaric Centre. During several days of system testing, ROV pilots from Stolt Offshore had an opportunity to become familiar with the characteristics of the tiny vehicle, and using a scale mock-up of the structure to be inspected, started to appreciate the agility of the VideoRay ROV.

Following the successful trials, the the miniature ROV systems were mobilised to the worksite and used to conduct an internal inspection programme inside the offshore structure. The structure, at a water depth of approximately 120m, has restricted access and consists of a number of interlinked concrete chambers. The task assigned to the VideoRay ROV was to carry specifically designed measuring tools into the structure, to deploy these devices, one to each chamber, and then to read off the measurement displayed on the tool. The tools were designed to be left in situ, and can be re-visited later in the programme, if required.

Little friend

The water conditions offshore dictated that the Videoray ROV hitch a ride to the worksite from a larger underwater vehicle. A deployment basket was designed by Stolt Offshore to transport the vehicle to the worksite, and provide a ready-use storage rack for the measurement tools. The VideoRay secured and released itself to-and-from the deployment basket using the micro-manip grabber.


Once on station, the larger ROV delivered the VideoRay to the access point of the structure, a 60cm opening. From this point on the VideoRay vehicle was on it's own, and progressed through the concrete honeycomb of the structure completing a detailed video survey.

At Worksite

A Stolt Offshore spokesman commented, "the VideoRay vehicle performed well in demanding conditions. Our client now has the information they need and is very happy".

All Photographs courtesy of Stolt Offshore Limited


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